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What Makes Ethos Counseling Different

We are here to help you find a way when you are lost, or when the way seems too long or challenging.  We are ready to meet you today with encouragement and support at any stage of life. Whether you are dealing with depression and anxiety, relationship issues, addictions, loss of a loved one or other problems at home, school or on the job, we can assist you to get back on track.

Our name “Ethos” means ethical nature, moral character and core values. At Ethos, we promise to welcome you with integrity and treat you with dignity and respect – no judgments – no matter who you are, or what history, issues or problems you bring to us for psychological evaluation, testing or treatment in counseling. Ethos staff is dedicated to helping you heal, build resilience and empower to you to find your personal path to a bright future outside of Ethos’ door.

Let us help you start on the path back to peace, joy, and fullness of life

Our Approach

Our highly collaborative “Care team” of psychologists and psychotherapists brings diverse specialties and skills to provide unique insights and integrative approaches for assessment and treatment of the whole person:  mind, body, and spirit. We believe this strategic and holistic vision leads to practical breakthroughs in treatment and long-term changes with real solutions for chronic or current troubles.

We know you may be working with several mental health specialists such as a therapist for counseling, psychologist for evaluation and testing, psychiatrist for medication or neuropsychologist to explore drug-free treatment options. Ethos will coordinate your care during those times when you are managing complex changes. It can be hard or nearly impossible to get everyone to communicate and get appointments with high quality providers on a timely basis. We facilitate innovative connections inside and outside of Ethos and strive to provide unique extended “Care Team” solutions to meet your needs throughout life. Ethos can walk beside you to deal with ongoing challenges to your mental health and all the adjustments needed along the way.

Achieving personal integration in mind-body-spirit and establishing connections to outside support systems can seem like a lot to accomplish when you are struggling to make progress in short or long-term transitions. We will take care to ease your personal journey by expanding the continuum of care, engaging family, schools, clergy, doctors, and lawyers and others as needed.  We commit to taking additional steps for our clients because we recognize that the problems life throws at you can be complex, involve others and often need more than a simple solution or quick fix.  We plan accordingly by creating a unique and customized approach for you and whatever your situation if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

We utilize many evidence based modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Family Systems, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Structural/Interpersonal relationships, EMDR and Mindfulness with psychological tools and training psychoeducation to create lasting changes for all ages. We utilize a cross-cultural and multi-cultural framework, knowing that it is essential to understand your history, experiences and issues through your worldview. Intensive therapy with continuum of care is available to put you on a path to healing as quickly as possible during crisis. Ethos counselors can all integrate a Christian faith-based spiritual approach to therapy if desired.


“The office environment is warm and inviting. I especially like the prayer room which helps me to collect my thoughts.”

– VP

“Ethos Counseling is amazing. The people are nice and are very welcoming. I have improved as a person and found out things about myself that I didn’t even realize.”

– AM

“I love the atmosphere that is in Ethos office. Every time I went to visit I felt relieved and like a weight was lifted off me.”

– SB

“Ethos Counseling creates a safe place for you to heal. Listens without judgement and truly cares for your goal on healing from emotional distress. Through Christ focus approach and many different styles of therapy they are willing to go the distance if you are.”

– VK

“I am so glad and blessed to have Carol and Dr. Sharon and Dr. Yolanda on my healing team.”

– VK

“It is vital to embrace the emotional storms one can experience and I have had my share. With Christ guiding them to guide me I am so excited to finally get to the deeper core of why and finally learn to let go! I always say it takes courage to heal. Ethos is a safe place to be you and expose yourself to be examined so can heal.”

– VK

“Both Father Paul and Carol have been exceptional in their compassionate and wise counsel. I felt comfortable immediately and have learned skills that I hadn’t from any other therapist in my experience. I am very grateful for the Ethos Counseling Group.”

– KC

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To schedule an appointment with one of our professionals at any location, please call Karen Leach, Office Manager 630-828-8120 or email

To verify insurance benefits first, please call Karen 630-828-8120.

For your convenience and to help us give you the best possible service, download the following PDF form and fax it to Attn: Karen Leach 630-828-8122 in advance of your first appointment.

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