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Grief and Loss

The grief that comes from a loss of a person’s life, a significant relationship, or a job can be extremely hard to cope with, especially when it seems like you will never move on.  It is common to be experiencing depression and anger because of your loss.  The most important factor to acknowledge is time, and trust in the process of grieving, especially that there is a beginning, middle, and an end.  Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance are five normal stages of grieving that we will to help you walk through so that you can heal more healthily and fully.

Avoidance of grieving can affect life in an even more negative way.  One of the struggles of the denial stage, for instance, is accepting the loss and letting go.  Resolving this difficulty of letting go can be done through building a strong network of social support by renewing old relationships and developing new ones, which can help you to feel emotionally invested in life again.  If there are feelings of shame or guilt associated with the loss, we will focus on helping you be free from those emotions and their negative effects. Grief and loss can be due to a range of different events, including miscarriage and infant death, accidental death, divorce or unemployment, so we will be sure to care for you in a unique way according to your personal experience.


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