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Dual Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis indicates more than one clinical diagnosis. It is usual be experiencing more than one clinical disorder, because life’s challenges can often be a result of previous issues.  In assessment and counseling, we take care to focus on the impact of each individual diagnosis, as well as the destructive combination.  For instance, clients with alcohol or drug dependency often experience anxiety or depression because substances are commonly used to cope with those types of symptoms.  In this case, just treating an alcohol addiction is not going to be effective.  It will be necessary to create a treatment plan for anxiety and depression as well.

Part of counseling for dual diagnosis is helping you gain understanding of the effect of one disorder on the recovery process of the other. Depression can make it hard to stay on track with the structures put in place to recover from an alcohol addiction or any other disorder because it causes a lack of energy and motivation. Our team will customize a treatment plan and can work collaboratively in order to contribute a variety of skills and insights to your situation. We believe this integrative approach to care is the most effective way to handle complex cases and to ensure successful outcomes. Struggling with one mental health issue is challenging enough, and more than one can feel crippling.  If you are willing to do the work, we are right here to walk through it with you.


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