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Counseling at Ethos related to advocacy in the educational environment is one of the clearest examples of the dedication we have to creating a continuum of care for our clients.  Because children and adolescents spend most of their time in school, it is not enough to treat them in the context of the counseling office or the home.  For your child to thrive, they must be comfortable in their learning environment, especially if they are dealing with emotional health issues or learning difficulties.  We are more than willing to coordinate care so that your child’s academic performance will not be hindered by any learning or emotional difficulties.

We advocate for an IEP to be out in place for students who have learning issues associated with ADHD, cognitive challenges, learning disabilities, as well as emotional and behavioral issues which may affect academics.  An IEP is a customized program of education which offers a student the extra attention they need to help them succeed in school.  While the IEP ensures academic flourishing, we can work together with schools to help them understand the emotional needs of your child.  This might include actions such as coordinating with school therapists and teachers, or attending your child’s IEP meetings to discuss their academic goals and steps needed to achieve them.


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