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Relationship Counseling

Relationships are essential building blocks of a happy, healthy and successful life. Finding and keeping positive, supportive and loving relationships is an important part of feeling good. Ethos offers relationship counseling services to deal with current issues and past problems with family, friends and at work so you can create joy and peace in the future. Our therapists are here to help you find your voice, say what is on your mind and feel what is in your heart when you bring issues to individual, couples and family sessions.

We are skilled in working together to find solutions if you are in crisis now, trying to adapt to ongoing challenges, or searching for a way to heal from past relationships.


Are you troubled with depression, anxiety or struggling to adjust to changes and events? We believe the most important relationship you have is with yourself. It is hard to deal with challenges such as job stress, loss of love, addictions or childhood abuse when you lack the supportive healthy relationships. You may feel alone in a couple, with family, friends or coworkers. Whatever you are experiencing, know that you do not have to face it alone. Ethos counselors are here to help you cope,  get strong in mind, body and spirit and build a healthy support system to address your issues. We offer tools and training, psychological testing and evaluation, support groups and additional resources.



Looking for help with disconnection and conflicts in areas like parenting, intimacy or managing finances? Often poor communication, anger, and resentment can lead to separation or divorce. Finding your way back to friendship, romance and love starts with building awareness of your own role in relationship conflicts and developing respect for your partner. A combination of individual and couples sessions is often most effective to work on the different issues and behavioral changes needed for the couple to improve the relationship. Ethos will help you build on the positive and heal the negative aspects of communication, especially if counseling identifies behaviors that may indicate abuse. Throughout counseling, we will focus on practical solutions that provide lasting changes when starting or rebuilding a solid foundation in dating or marriage.

Ethos provides a safe place to raise issues and have difficult conversations essential to break through old patterns and try new behaviors when relationships are coming together or coming apart. Our counselors offer a strong and compassionate support system as you navigate through risks and concerns, and learn and practice skills and decide the right next steps in your relationship. We can help you through the process of deciding to commit to the relationship or to end the relationship in the best possible way. We focus on helping stabilize conditions and build mutual respect if either or both partners experience ongoing conflicts with each other. This is especially important when children are involved since the co-parenting relationship continues and is part of the agreements in legal separations and divorce. We also help you understand and change what your children are learning from the example of your relationship, whether you choose to stay and build greater emotional and physical intimacy or set boundaries and move through separation or divorce.


Dealing with problems such as children’s behaviors or difficulties in school, loss of loved ones or divorce and blending new families together? Families experience many different types of challenges over time. Ethos provides a neutral place for parents or co-parents and children or siblings to have family discussion and goal setting in a family treatment plan to work through situations effectively. We will carefully advise you in considering that each member of your family may have different issues and problems that need to be addressed that could make it difficult for other members of the family to change. Ethos therapists will identify which problems are the most disruptive for the family members’ functioning independently or together. We often set up a plan to work with different combinations of family members individually as well as in the whole family group. In most cases, treatment plans will continue to evolve as the complexity of the family difficulties and conflicts become clearer over time. For instance, children’s behaviors will often improve as the parents/co-parents’ relationship improves or will often regress in the case of divorce. Whatever the situation, Ethos will coordinate with additional therapists or specialists to ensure that the transition is a healing process for your family priorities.


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