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Anger Management

We have all experienced anger before, whether we have been overcharged at a restaurant, or someone has lied to us.  From small annoyances, to major hurtful incidents, everyone feels angry sometimes.  However, some know how to manage their anger better than others, and this makes all the difference.

Different people become angry for different reasons, but what is true for most is that anger is usually a reaction to having been wronged, rejected, disrespected, demeaned, threatened, or neglected in some way.  It often comes from other emotions such as shame, fear, or betrayal, and can be deeply rooted in past wounds.

Anger is a powerful emotion, and it can take over any rationality in thought or action.  When we let our anger run the show, we can do and say things to others that are hurtful, which can put us in a vicious cycle and can cause others to be angry as well.  Anger can also lead to unwanted health problems, and therefore is an emotion that affects the entire person, mind, body, and spirit. If you feel like a ticking time bomb at work, home, school, or in any area of life because of your anger, we will help you take back control.

We are ready to help you control your natural feelings of anger by tapping into the power of your rational mind through anger management.  You will feel a sense of regaining control over your anger by learning techniques to give you perspective in order to see the bigger picture in anger-causing situations.  We will focus on reducing and controlling the destructive behaviors or thoughts which come from being angry, and will help heal any wounds caused by anger in all aspects of life, whether in relationships, work, school, or at home.  We will patiently walk with you through anger management as you learn that even when you cannot always change the things, people, or circumstances that cause you to be angry, you can learn to control how you react to your anger.  Court-mandated anger management can be completed here at Ethos.


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