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Psychological Testing and Evaluation

Have you ever gone to the doctor, and after discussing your physical symptoms, been directed to get a blood test or an X-ray to find out the cause of those symptoms?  Your doctor probably used the results of those tests to create a treatment plan for you.  For a therapist, psychological testing and evaluation serves the same purpose.  They will consult a psychologist who is skilled in testing if they feel that they need further evaluation to diagnose and treat a client.  The psychologist will work collaboratively with your therapist to customize a treatment plan that is unique to your experience and your test results.  Especially if you have been experiencing chronic issues, or complex problems such as trauma with other underlying disorders, an assessment would be beneficial for both you and your therapist to better understand how to help you.  Other general assessments such as Disability evaluations, are also available at Ethos.

What to expect?

The process begins with an interview, where the psychologist will ask you questions about your symptoms, concerns, and personal history.  Then, you will take a standardized test.  There are many kinds of tests for all ages, but your psychologist will choose some, ranging from 6-8 tests, that fit your individual situation.  They might, for example, evaluate your behavioral habits, personality dynamics, and mental status.  Soon after, the psychologist will write a report of your history, diagnosis, and conclusions, to give to the therapist. Finally, the Ethos team, including your therapist and the psychologist, will have a feedback meeting with you and recommendations for treatment will be discussed.

Psychological testing and evaluation is an example of integrating care, as counseling in the therapy room is combined with empirical evidence from your test results.  For example, if you are dealing with trauma, anxiety, and depression, your test results might suggest that your therapist focuses on social skills and relaxation techniques in combination with trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy.

There is no way to pass or fail a psychological assessment.  It is not about a score, and it is not something you need to study for.  Psychological testing and evaluation is there for us to get a better idea of what is causing your pain and how to help you heal.  To read more about psychological testing and evaluation at Ethos, see Dr. Sharon’s profile.

Psychological Testing and Evaluation

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