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Executive Functioning

If your child has problems with organization, self-control or time management they might benefit from counseling for executive functioning.  Whether or not they also are clinically diagnosed with ADHD and are taking medication, there are many different skills we can work on in counseling to improve key abilities so that they can concentrate better at school and at home.  Mindfulness techniques, like body awareness, are often very helpful because they require us to be in the present moment and focus entirely on one task.  We will also work with you as parents to make some changes at home and create a better environment for your child.  With some tools, techniques, and strategies, we can teach you about creating more structure, whether it is related to homework rules or sleep schedules.  Because technology use is such a big part of children’s lives, we will work with you to figure out how to balance their use of TV, phones, or computers so that they can be focused and organized when necessary.

If you would like to know more information about how we can coordinate care for your child with their school, in order to support their success in the learning environment, click here to read more about Schools and Education Advocacy.


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