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Psychological Tools and Training

Often a large part of therapy is educational, meaning that we share information which will help you better understand and make sense of the struggles you are facing.  Because we believe that you are the primary actor in the therapy process, we will to empower you with skills, strategies, and tools to create psychological well-being in yourself and in relationships with others. Getting started on needed changes in your life may mean learning how first and then putting in effort to put your learning into practice.

Clients often need to understand more about why they are facing their present struggles to be able to change. We develop learning options to meet your needs and learning preferences, in session teaching and practicing in sessions. We also offer classes, workshops, presentations and recommend other resources such as reading/media.


  • If you are a parent with a child engaging in destructive behaviors due to anger of ADHD, we can show you how to help your child change by managing negative behaviors with concepts of reinforcement, rewards, and punishments.
  • It can be comforting to learn about normal stages of grief. Knowing the difference between depression and grief can help you see that letting yourself grieve is essential to the healing process as an individual and in relationships. If you are struggling with unresolved trauma, abuse or loss, it is critical to understand the role of anger due to pain, hurt or betrayal and how to manage it.
  • Developing an understanding of the large role that brain chemistry plays in our emotional well-being can make it is easier to make sense of why you act in certain ways during an anxiety attack or depressive episode.


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